How to Install VMware Tools on Arch Linux

How to Install VMware Tools on Arch Linux

In this article, we are going to learn about how to Install VMware Tools on Arch Linux. It’s very painful to install VMware tools on Arch Linux, but this guide will make your life easier. You get the official way to install the VMware tools but sometimes tools do not work after installing the tool in Arch Linux. So you have to install the VMware tool manually. There are many ways to install the VMware tool. I am going with this method which is 100% working on arch Linux. You will use this tool, Thanks to rasa has already provided us with a simple way to install the tool.


  • Git install in your arch system
  • User with sudo privileges
  • An Internet connection

Download VMware Tools

Download and install the git File using the following commands in the terminal:

$ git clone
$ cd vmware-tools-patches
$ ls

Install VMware Tools in Arch Linux

Install VMware Tools

$ ./

Install VMware Tools in ArchLinux

After running above command you have to reboot your arch Linux system.


Arch Linux is the most popular Linux distribution among hardcore Linux users. With this step-by-step tutorial, you have installed the VMware tools on arch Linux in your system. Next, you may want to look into our other guides for installing software on Arch Linux or learning how to use some of its most popular commands.

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