How to Update Kali Linux | Kali Linux 2023.3

In this article, we are gonna learn how to update and upgrade Kali Linux to the latest version. If you are using the default installation of Kali, you should be checking for new updates from time to time. If you need a new version of a tool or security update, that may speed up your system. Kali is a rolling release, in a year Kali releases its four versions. Which comes with new features and tools. To update Kali Linux, first, we have to check our repository file and file location is /etc/apt/sources.list. The following code should be in the file.

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free

Update Kali Linux

Now we have to update our Kali Linux packages index list. Open your favorite terminal and enter the following command:

techdhee@kali:~|⇒ sudo apt update

If you want to display all packages which are scheduled for an update.

techdhee@kali:~|⇒ sudo apt list --upgradable

Now we can upgrade individual packages using sudo apt install PCKAGE_NAME or we can upgrade the whole system using

techdhee@kali:~|⇒ sudo apt full-upgrade -y

All done. Your Kali Linux system is now fully upgraded.

Update Kali Linux

Uninstall No Longer Required Packages

Now after the system upgrades some of the packages may no longer be used, hence any longer required. To remove all no longer required Kali Linux packages run the command

techdhee@kali:~|⇒ sudo apt autoremove

Kali Linux Autoremove Command


In this video, I will show How to Update Kali Linux into the Latest Release | Kali Linux 2023.3

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