eDEX-UI – Fullscreen Terminal or Advanced Monitoring Tool

eDEX-UI - Fullscreen Terminal or Advanced Monitoring Tool

eDEX-UI is a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator, and system monitor that appears and feels like sci-fi or fashionable keyboard. It is available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc with an advanced monitoring tool.

It is heavily inspired by the TRON Legacy film effects, the eDEX-UI job was initially intended to be “DEX-UI with less” art” and much more” distributable applications”. While keeping a contemporary look and texture, it strives to be usable together with the larger goal of bringing science-fiction UXs, into scenarios and keeping a particular level of performance.


Fully featured terminal with tabs, colors, mouse events, and curses-like applications.

  1. Real-time system monitoring like CPU usage, RAM, Swap, Processes, etc. and network with active connections, current transfer rates, and current live GeoIP monitoring, etc.
  2. eDex-UI supports the touch and you can enable displays touch, including an on-screen keyboard.
  3. eDex-UI working in which directory or folder shows all the details on the terminal and you can easily in or out using mouse over the terminal.
  4. It has advanced customization with pre-built themes, on-screen keyboard layouts, CSS injections.

eDEX-UI – Fullscreen Terminal or Advanced Monitoring Tool for Windows, macOS, Linux:

eDEX-UI allows you to run five terminals themes with full emulation. In eDex-UI  default terminal, the theme name is xterm-color, that meaning eDex-UI has multicolor support. The best thing about eDex-UI is that the keys light up on the keyboard while you type any key, so if you’re using eDEX-UI on a tablet, the keyboard could show the alphabets or number what you typing which is not good for your privacy or security. We have to use a theme without the keyboard on those devices, although it does look pretty cool when we are typing. This is eDEX-UI theme, with htop running in its terminal eDEX-UI

As you can see from the above screenshot, eDEX-UI uses quite a bit of CPU (htop shows per core CPU usage. So that’s not the total CPU usage though), however, its purpose is not for doing actual work or track your system. Its purpose is… to allow you to look a HACKER. Use it to impress your buddies, personalize it, and post a screenshot on social networking, etc. If you are widget friendly, you could use far more lightweight and easy to configure according to need, such as Conky. eDEX-UI supports customization. You can change the default shell which is  Bash on Linux and Mac, and powershell.exe on Windows, the keyboard layout, themes are also supported, and the eDex-UI comes with 8 default themes, but you can also create your own theme.

Download eDEX-UI:

You can exit eDEX-UI terminal by typing “exit”  or simply you can holt  Alt + F4 keys on the keyboard. How To Setup and configure eDEX-UI – Terminal | Hollywood Style Terminal Emulator for Windows, macOS & Linux(Working 2020).


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